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The Journey

This is where our adventure begins


In phase 1 on your journey, from the moment you adopt a plm, you will enter a mystical world. Where along with others DEGENS you can evolve your plm to the next stages.


What is the phase 2? Take good care of your Pretty and he will evolve along with his intellect.



I came here for this...

1. Gated discord channel to get behind the scenes access to DinzBR creation process on upcoming artwork..
2. Holders will be whitelisted for upcoming artwork pieces on this project and beyond part two for this project and 3 along with new drops of my created digital works.
3. AMA will be held with the @dinizbr.eth#5447  in discord
4. DinizBR ArtW open editions for "Big Monsters" holders by holding all four editions you will receive a future drop of my digital work.

5. .......

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