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What The Hell Are "Pretty Little Monsters"?

A new unknown species accidentally discovered by miners on the Ethereum network while mining a mysterious Block from another blockchain never explored before.

It was from the genesis collection made up of 300 PLMs known as founders that genes were cloned into the population of PLMS known as PLM GEN I. This resulted in a population of 7777 intelligent little monsters.


Advanced researchers known as DEGENS, reported in their recent research that these little monsters can evolve into two other forms. The forms were given the name "Pretty" in phase 1 while they are still in their mysterious eggs, in phase 2 "Little" in it's second evolution, and the final form phase 3 known as PFP called "Monsters".



dinizbr.eth (DinizBR ArtW) is a visionary digital artist creating immersive experiential artworks in 3D, VR, AI and PixelArt on the Blockchain since 2019. The Team DinizBR ArtW consists of the dinizbr.eth his son and wife, a family friends project.

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